Pixel art server

Hello, I currently own a pixel art server! The name is pixel depths by Red Fry

. In this world it is custom and filled with some pretty wonderful art. It is an admin only edit world, however we do mod people for trials to become an admin on the server. We have only a few rules that include:
•No greifing
•No inappropriate builds
•No buildings like hotels or houses
(Houses may be allowed if I’m pixel art)
•No profanity
These are the main rules of the server, and admin will always be willing to help, and I hope if you join the team you will too!



What are the rules

Can you please be sure to include all useful world information in the original post of the thread, so those considering joining can make an informed decision. You need to include the rules, the idea behind the world, and any other details that you think might inform or attract players.