Pixel Art


This is a thread to post your pixel art. Anyone can show off their creations here, similar to the fan art thread, but with pixel art. You may have seen it, but I have created a pixel art of Captain Toad;

Anyway, post your pixel art here for all to see! It can be anything, not just blockheads related, as you saw from mine. Have fun! :smiley:


Oh mi god! A toad! Hahah


Great job! One tip: paint all sides of the block!


Thanks guys :slight_smile: Anyone have any pixel art to share? :smiley:


My Terrarian god statue!
Hiyaa just had to announce that when I was taking pictures…

Notice me blockpie!


Good job! I like it! :slight_smile:


Thank yah

Notice me blockpie!


I made a pixelart thread a Long time ago


I didn’t know that! It dint appear when I clicked pictures, so it probably hadn’t been posted in for a while. Fresh start is always good, though.


Stuff on the side of the department store.

By Sukai, but I’m posting it for her.


Wow that’s nice!


Sail through the Lion’s Mouth on my Blockhead’s Server: OZ


Thanks. :slight_smile:


Oh that looks awesome!!!


aha this is 3 years later but here is a pixel art that I am submitting in the pixel art contest in Unihorse!


Wow, you found the thread after all this time :stuck_out_tongue: hard to believe I’ve been on forums 3 years.

That’s really pretty! I especially like the background, I don’t see that a lot in pixel art :slight_smile:


Seemed a little empty here