Pixelart Tulip Shop

A few weeks ago I read about breeding tulips on the forums and I decided to start myself After getting a few hybrids, I built a pixelart tulip shop to sell some of them.

It admittedly looks a lot better than I expected, so I just wanted to share some screenshots:

Before adding the display tulips and shops:

After adding the shops and display tulips:

It is built on Pigcity 7


Beautiful!! @Asyc you have really popularized this design :slight_smile:

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Was there a similar build before? I never knew that :blush:

Wow, this is really cool :smiley:

Your tulip pixel art is beautiful :slight_smile:

I built a tulip house on @MAMA_FOOD_SUPPLY’s server last year:

Zoomed out view:


I like the modifications of the original game tulip ;).