Everybody has seen it before. The “Rock” Unknown.

This already has the tile data of Rock and has the ability to be “placed” but you’ll only get air. Maybe make it so you can get rock as a block and place it. I’d love it. I’m sure builders would love it. Natural placed stone? Sign me up.

Can we get this added?


Other than decoration, what purpose would it serve? Regular stone is already used for tools and stuff.

Hide bases

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These used to be able to be placed, but it was patched. I wish they didn’t because I would love to fix the walls that hackers destroy in caves.

You can make fake rock

As @agentpinkdog referenced, a similar block can be crafted. Make a plaster block. Make a paint with two black and one white pigment. That will make the plaster all but a perfect match for the base stone of the walls. :cowboy_hat_face:


i do like this idea, it’s something that i’ve often wondered why left out, i always enjoyed getting stone (as compared to cobblestone) in minecraft because it made certain structures seem more natural as wanted, i do second this suggestion

If you look for more threads about this in this forum you will probably find the answer. I don’t remember if Dave or I posted it. I’ve actually forgotten :upside_down_face:

if you don’t remember i think it’s fair to say it’s like finding a needle in the haystack with how many topics there are, i’ll take your word for it

I’ve been supporting this game for seven years. I’ve forgotten more useful threads than I care to think of. It may be easy to find, but these days, with the game aging, I stick to essentials. Bad use of my time is wasteful.

fair enough, there’s over 20,000 existing (not deleted or locked) topics, no one expects you to be wonderwoman and know where everything is at all times, you’re a great community manager, so i completely understand your resolve

i’ve derailed this topic enough, apologies :slight_smile:

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