I was wondering. What if we could have planes, since they’re ideal for traveling in real life. They could be made in the Crafting Bench, like jet packs. I know what you’re going to say, there are jet packs for travel. But what if you’re traveling in a group, and there’s one straggler behind? Not the best thing to happen, because it’s annoying having to wait for them to catch up. But that can be fixed. If there were planes, people could ride in groups so there is no one left behind, ideal for traveling and adventure. You would board them just like a train, with one pilot and multiple seats for passengers. What do you guys think? Bye for now, my sweets! :lollipop:


Good suggestion but… your gonna need a bigger bench and… how would it be crafted?


Why would you need a bigger bench, and it would probably be made with steel or carbon, 3 jets (used in jet packs), 5 wings (used in jetpacks also) and maybe a block of titanium?


Plane has to be big, no small planes. Would it make sense if a airplane was made on ur dinner table?


Not to be rude, but do portals make sense? I don’t think so. It would be natural to add something that didn’t make sense.


Maybe it can be made in the train yard, do you have an exact recipe?


That’s a good idea, and not yet. But I have some ideas. You could use carbon or steel for the frame and outside, jet pack jets for the, well, jets,
And the wings that were made for jetpacks.

Sorry guys, can’t reply again for another 22hrs

@DeadlyPotato I guess.



  • if we did have big planes this would cause lag
  • where does the plane land? i dont wanna make a giant plat form

  • if it were big, it can be used for lag trolling.

  • servers have a heck tone of buildings, and a heck tone of buildings all around the sky

  • in real life planes explode, ( this can be another way of trolling) so what happens if i hit somebody’s tall house? does the plane just disappear? I AM RIDING A VERY TALL BUBBLE

  • and if the plane crashes in the air with another plane in the air…pop weeeeeee,ouch

  • making an actul big plane like from an Air port on a block sized workbench would take one trillion years

  • i would also need to collect one thousand pieces of steel

  • nah it’s cool no offense bro


Actually yes they do, but there are other things in the blockheads that don’t

I think a helicopter is more sensible since it’s smaller and can take off and land vertically without need for a runway


Think if this is added, an new bench will be added called ‘plane hanger bench’
The size should be 1x3 size. Any blockhead taps on the placed plane and has the option pilot or passenger. Two in the front, two in the middle with a window and one in the back with a smaller window.
Takes three titanium blocks, four carbon fibre wings, two or four jet engines, 4 windows and some kind of landing gear.
The flight would be the hard part since you will accelerate forward faster than anything else and you will have to control it manually will a tilt feature. And will probably behave like a hand rail if it hits something too hard.


Passenger planes that could stall if you aren’t careful?