Planting Kelp on Ice Takes One Away but Doesn’t Plant


My device is an iPhone SE with iOs 11.3. I’m on the latest version of the Blockheads, and this was on a custom single player world.
I wanted to test to see if one could plant kelp on an ice block. The environment is hard to get right— you have to have the ice’s environment be cold enough to keep it frozen, but the block directly above it liquid.
I got the conditions right. The ice block remained frozen, and the water block would stay liquid.
I then tried to plant it by tapping on the ice block. My blockhead “planted” it— I lost one kelp in my inventory when the action was completed, but there wasn’t kelp planted.

I don’t doubt that this isn’t a high priority bug— the conditions are hard to get right.


So many don’t and isn’t and doubt oh noes the negatives


While I guess that’s logic :confused:

It would not be possible to do that in real life if I’m right.


Translation: this probably isn’t a high-priority bug.
Here’s a joke: double negatives are a no-no.

@Sunnyperson Probably. Kelp can be planted on nearly all of the blocks, so that’s why I wanted to test to see if it could be planted on ice. I can say for certain that kelp cannot normally be planted on a solid iron block in real life!


I’m totally impressed with your dedication to testing out this scenario. How did you even think about this possibility? LOL. Interesting catch. :slight_smile:


What made you decide to do this?


I read somewhere that kelp could be planted on all blocks. I went through a mental list of the blocks, and the only one that seemed like it may not work was ice. Ice is just a different form of water, so I was wondering if kelp could be planted in it.