Plaster fglitch

hey im playing a expert world and whenever i try to make plaster for the pizza oven all the items disappear and i dont get the plaster this sucks cuz i cant progress without it, i couldnt find any known glitches on it. lmk if you can help ty.

Have you already tried anything to solve the problem? What are the specifications of your device?

I tried re doing it also I restarted my device and game between those intervals. iPhone XR

Which version of iOS is your iPhone XR running?


Try updating your iPhone XR to the latest version of iOS.

Do the items disappear just as your progress bar finishes and you are about to get the plaster?

If so, seems like lag to me. The lag is either caused by a poor WiFi connection or something on the server end. If you can let us know which server it is maybe one of us can check it out.