Player returning / Any new Servers?


Hey everyone! The title might confuse you, it might not but I have been playing Blockheads for a while now but only recently started using the forum again. I started playing at a young age with my dad’s IPod and a year or two ago remembered all the fun times I had with this game. Out of all the games I’ve played, I can’t help but keep coming back to this one. It would be great if people could let me know about any new servers, thanks in advance!


Just try joining random servers until you find one you like you can even choose if u want it with pvp or,not expert or not custom or not… Just join server and figure which ones u prefer.


Sugarflop, Starlight Sky’s 4, PVP Search, and lots others!
SGE is still alive and so is Rabbithole.


Thanks! I’ve joined Sugarflop now :smiley:


Although Griffen-Land isn’t new feel free to join it if you wish.


I’ve checked it out, thanks!


I’m making a new server and I could use some critique, just let me know if you want to see the stuff.


Not exactly a new server, but Nevermoor is a recently revived server and we’d love your help!


I’ve tried to join the server but it seems like it’s out of credit. Thanks for your recommendation anyway :slight_smile:

I’d love too! :wink:


I’ve merged your two posts, as they were posted in quick succession and without anyone else posting between them.


If you are looking for the popular servers, go to search and turn off/on your filters, and type in one letter. It will show you all of the servers with that letter starting from the one with the most people and going down.
P.S. While ‘e’ and ‘a’ may have the most people, half of them are anime rp. Nothing against them, but most players generally don’t like them.


Oh, it’s a Mac server. If you found an old server like eternal savanna or super fort then that’s why.