How many players still play The Blockheads? It’s been a long time since I played it, and I’m getting back into it. Brings back a lot of memories. Anyways, just reply here if you’re still playing this game.


i am [MR.ONYX] from star brooks, the expert vanilla anarchy server!

I play, just not as much as years past.

There is no clear answer, but people brought up some stuff in this topic.

I still play

my guess a couple hundred regularly

Forget what I said it’s wrong sorry. Would delete but I have to wait 30 min

I play hours a day everyday mainly my servers tho

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Hundreds of worlds are spun up each day.


I still play, sometimes

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I play pretty rarely nowadays. Can’t find a server to stick to because of other games (and I get bored of getting left behind), and I have no new ideas.


Every other phone games are boring so i always play The Blockheads and try to have fun with other people or trying not to get banned or enslaved. So yeah i play a lot

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I try to play regularly, but a lot of servers can’t catch my interest and I take long breaks. When I find one I like though, I visit pretty often.


I mainly lurk nowdays due to rarely using my phone for games anymore (why would I when I have a gaming pc). I used to play a lot on my old ipad and even built up a digital “nation” which has since migrated to minecraft.


I rarely ever go onto the game for more than 10 minutes (always subject to change). i mainly spend my time on roblox.

I still play a lot!
What i love most about Blockheads other than the creativity and building is that is not a money grabber game like most out there.
You don’t have “VIP” levels, “Exclusive Items” only available through IAP (other than servers). It’s pretty fair to everyone.

o̵f̵f̵ ̵t̵o̵p̵i̵c̵

You said it yourself. Maybe start a new thread about that, and remove it from this thread.

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