Players being disconnected in sequence

I have noticed recently that on at least one server I play on players seem to be getting disconnected in sequence. One player will get disconnected and rejoin, then another player will get disconnected and rejoin, and then I will get disconnected and rejoin. I know this isn’t just a coincidence because it happens somewhat frequently, and I have heard players complain about being disconnected. The server itself doesn’t crash, but we all get disconnected.

A script kiddie mite be playing and is propaply doing that to troll people what server is it?

Do you know the owner? Can they check the console to see any reasons for the disconnecting? When my bigger servers go down, it’s all the users at once. And the time that my new server was crashing, it had errors in the console.

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I’ll check, thanks. :slight_smile:

It could also be bad WiFi connection and or old devices. I recently lost my iPod Touch 6 and am now using my old iPod Touch 5 and the functionality is horrendous. It makes the game nearly unplayable. Just one generation down and I want to throw my device out the window. I am saving up for the new iPod Touch 7 but its kind of expensive. I am being very patient.

That could be except it is happening to almost everyone online in a sequential order.

Is this like what happened with Muddy Waters?

I don’t think so Wumbo. He says they aren’t all kicked off at once. They are disconnected one at a time in sequence.

The Muddy Waters issue is the same that affects all servers with large data sizes. There’s assumed to be a memory leak and the cloud resets the server when it peaks out at around 1 GB of memory.

Now this issue might also be memory related. But the whole server isn’t going down.

What sequence? Order of joining?

I’m not exactly sure yet.

It seems to be in a sequence of disconnecting i don’t know what could have caused that

Disconnected in sequence = literally a lagfest on most of the weak smartphones (including the Nokia 1 or an equivalent, literally).
Remember that I used my mum’s ancient Honour 5X and it made me get disconnected to great degrees.

It’s just strange that one person disconnects, then just a few seconds later another player disconnects. It’s like it is timed.

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The person who gets disconnected first, do they have a chance to rejoin before the next person gets disconnected?

I think you are letting your imagination get carried away. Its easy to do.

Yes. Usually one person gets disconnected and rejoins, then the next person gets disconnected and rejoins, etc.

I would be curious what is in their inventories. I have seen before where I would get kicked whenever other people joined. I never figured it out but I suspected that my inventory had enough junk in it that the server couldn’t handle it when someone else with a huge bunch of data also joined. I tried to start carrying as few safes as possible after that. That plus all the unknowns I was getting.