Players in The Blockheads are sometimes in the future/past


Sorry for the clickbait title.

On the top right corner of each message inside chat, is the time and date of when that message was sent. It should be your local time zone.

However, I have sometimes seen a player on a server that has a different time then others, as if it has different time zones/clocks. Like this player who is in the year 2069/1069/5069/etc. Specifically the green player. (Each color represents a different player.)

You might have to click the photo to see it fully. Other players on the server also experienced that green player to have the date 2069/1069/3069/idk. I want to say ALL, but I haven’t confirmed it.


It’s actually 1969, I believe. This is also a bug on the forums that shows forumers haven’t been online since the same date.


There’s no way they can set any smartphones back to 1969!
(Maybe jailbreak?idk.)
But even they changed their clock to the wrong time,it shouldn’t be able to access the internet because the clock is wrong…


Back to the Future 4 confirmed





Y’all it’s ez to do that just go to settings and date and time and change it


You shouldn’t be able to change it to before the device is produced.


THey probably set their device to a date or something.

Offtopic, but useful:
On android, you can cheat on idle games (adventure capitalist, etc) by setting the date forward. It’ll act like its been through it, when it really hasn’t. Just make sure youre doing this offline.