Please dave update this game

Dear dave,
Please update the blockhead it’s like 2 years ago there some bugs or something

1.sometime crashing

how many times do people have to say it, he is not updating bh again


Hello fellow player,

Do not get your hopes high, currently the game has no plan of evolution. The plan seems to leave it as is. The creator moved on to other project it seems. I was hoping it could be donated to open source and a formation of community of programmers to drive the game into the future or something…

Best regards.


Which version of the game do you want to be updated? The Android version?

he has it under #bugs-glitches not #bugs-glitches-android so i assume ios, and while this isn’t a bug or glitch people are correct there isn’t 1% hope or 0.1% hope there’s like 0% hope dave has officially moved on to sapiens after eight long lasting fun years

This game will never receive any major updates unfortunately. He moved on to this game called “Sapiens”, very disappointing news.

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All version

Hello everyone, good morning (or your correct greeting for your time zone)…

I will try swing my bat for the home run, here and now.

I still have 0.1% hope majicDave, the author and owner of creative rights of the game, could consider allowing a clone implementation of the game, or even better, some agreement/donation of code with conditions (like not removing the payed features to him to support the servers, this forum, Milla work and other expenses)…

@majicDave, it is not all your fault, it is all your merit.

Hope to ear from Dave soon.

Entropy is a tough lesson to learn
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Best regards


Please don’t ping Dave for no reason

Its not that disappointing, he wanted to move onto a different project and blockheads was starting to lose its players so there was no incentive to update the game, Sapiens is looking like its going to turn out to be a really good game.

milla herself said it’s not happening, that’s what i meant

very late edit for reference, this is the post i was referring to

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It’ll be great if they added diving suits so players don’t drown while in an aquatic environment.
Too bad that I won’t be able to see it happen anytime soon because I’m quitting blockheads after my friend quit the game


I have been thinking about that for some time! I also want a electric compressor and tin dive tanks. You could also have flippers instead of boots to make you swim fast. I would hope that the same tanks would work for a space suit so you could survive in space and make space city’s and such.