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I’m fine now. Somebody just brought up a certain subject.


One thing. developeR


To be honest, all of us at one point would had griefed servers in the past and I’m not the only one. To be honest I had raided a lot of servers in the past but that’s all over.

I know it may still be a bannable offense even for today but that’s fine. I will never ever grief a server again.

Also it is sad to see you go. This forum seems to be falling in active members recently.

And one thing to point out. Because someone betrayed you or something doesn’t mean you have to go out and raid/grief servers. Or just doing it for fun. You can get cloud banned if the owner reports you to milla so just remember not to grief a server for ANY reason unless it is you’re own server or you’re own builds.


Bye, even though I never was aware of your existence, I’ll miss you! Also, I agree with what you said.
Hope you have a nice life, and if and when you’re bored of Minecraft, try ROBLOX if you haven’t already,

Well anyways, goodbye.


Don’t fall to bullies. This is what they want you to do.

It’s like they are a car, and you are giving them the fuel to go.

Those people who think they are better? Shame on them. Just mute them or leave the server.

I’ve dealt with this a lot of times. The best thing to ever do is ignore or leave the server.

Anyways, goodbye I guess. Have my famous cookies! (tired of making batches of cookies from earlier!)


Bye reverse :frowning:




Any video game related to a video game is a knock off of pong


Bye, Reverse. It’s been nice knowing you.

The Blockheads was based off of Minecraft. This is true, and Dave admits it.

Feel free to drop bye and say hey on Creative of Time from time to time. :hugs:


Any game can seem to be a ‘knock off’ of any other games

Fighing games are like another fighting game, all of them have health bars or fighting arenas.

Pokémon, digimon, Dino king, dragon vale, tamogochi, nintendogs !or any other game that takes care or trains a creature.

Dress up, replay, war games, tower games, puzzle games, card games, colour games, music games, Matching games, VR, simulations, sound effects, travel weather, pretty much anything can seem like any other.

It’s what the games bring that are different from another game that are gets people.

Animal progression, two 2D type world with 3D objects, sky islands are a few fairly interesting things brought together into one game. Something maybe similar to minecraft but there are differences too.

Believe me there are games that you would more call a knock off of minecraft. They just have a few changes in creatures and textures. But they are a lot closer to minecraft than Blockheads are.


I can see your reasoning…
I get pretty angry when people say my characters are “too OP” or “not good enough”. I also HATE it when they make fun of them.
“Hey! Just because my characters have a more developed back story and disorders does NOT mean yours is better then mine!!”
So yeah… I totally understand.
Also a character reflects it’s creator. So if a character has a sort of disorder (For example, Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the ones my OC has) it is most likely because the creator or the creators close friend/relative has that disorder. Also a character can reflect what the creator always wanted to look like (For example a girl could have wanted long wavy blonde hair so she created a character with that same hairstyle). A character can also have a backstory similar to that of the creator’s.
So, if a creator’s character isn’t ideal and has problems you shouldn’t discriminate it because you might hurt the creator in the process.
Anyways… we will miss you and I will make sure to never forget you :cry: :slight_smile:


So you’ll remain on The Blockheads?


Notch briefly met Dave knowing that he made Blockheads and he didn’t mind, of course it takes elements from Minecraft and that’s okay. It’s legal. It’s like saying Terraria is a rip-off of Minecraft, or Br’er Rabbit by Disney is a rip off of the original folk tales. You don’t get cloud banned unless the owners actually report you for it with evidence, there’s only one developer, so why the plural? You can’t blame Blockheads for your own behavior on servers, roleplaying wasn’t ever the purpose of blockheads although it’s a fine play style, but I don’t really roleplay. It really isn’t a cool thing to tag the blame on the creator of the game just because of your own short tempered behavioral actions. And this isn’t meant to be rude at all. Like Porky said, Dave openly gives credit to Notch.

That being said, I don’t hate you, you were a valued acquaintance on Beggar’s Tomb and several other servers we played on. Farewell and good luck in your future adventures in your life.


I agree with you. Goodbye, my friend :slight_smile:
I will miss you


It sounds like you are basing your entire dismissal of the game on your experience with it while role playing. Is that right? Or do you have other reasons for leaving? If not then that seems a somewhat limited experience of playing the game.

I’m not sure why it matters what similarities it has with Minecraft. I love it because it’s NOT 3d like Minecraft so it’s much easier to manage on smaller hand-held devices and I have just felt that everything else about it was more approachable. I don’t need t guess how to place random items on bench in order to craft things. The benches tell me what I can craft and what I need for them. And don’t get me started on handcars. Minecraft doesn’t hold a candle to the amount of fun I’ve had on handcars.


How do I delete this topic/thread? ^^;


You don’t. You either call someone to lock it or