Please read this milla!


Okay. I’m trying this now. I’ve tried emailing for like two months and Facebook for god knows how long. Can someone PLEASE help me? I’ve been cloud banned. I know I know. I got it for a reason. I’m not saying I don’t deserve it either. And I’m pretty sure that whoever is reading this (if anyone in the first place) probably is looking at me like a lying lowlife who should just give up. BUT IVE HONESTLY CHANGED! I’m not some roleplaying weebo trash. I have actual friends now. I don’t do inappropriate role plays anymore. I stopped making the bad paintings. I’ll admit I swear a little, but not around kids, only on my searchable servers with my friends! Look. I know I should grow up and take this like a big girl, but this is really my only way to talk to people. It’s embarrassing to say, but IRL I’m way too shy to make friends, and I can barely mutter a studery sentence to a stranger. But I finally get people who go the extra mile for me here. Just…do what you want. If I’m permanently banned, I won’t hack my way out. You guys win. But keep in mind, I can’t talk to my friends anywhere else. I’d honestly, truly appreciate it if I got at least a response. And even if I’m not following the rules perfectly…I’m trying…And I’m sorry I have such horrible habits…thanks for reading this…sorry if I’m being annoying…


Did you tried to PM Milla?


Milla should pm you when she comes on (usually 8 hours later).

I’m sure she’ll help you get of cloudban if she thinks you deserve it :+1:


Hey, do I know you? :smiley:

You can PM Milla on the PM that is automatically sent when you’re new to 'za forums.

It’s all fine, we change over time just like I did. :upside_down_face:

I’ve been cloud banned for what? Longer than you have, I had a cloud ban that lasted way more months.


It looks like you need to PM milla. As of now, you are too low of a trust level to PM, so spend some more time on the forums, read and reply to a few threads, and you should be able to PM soon.
Some people have mentioned a welcome message she sends when you join, but that feature doesn’t work anymore, so don’t worry about not receiving one.

Milla reads every thread here, so if you aren’t able to PM her, she will pm you. Good luck! :blush: If you admit your mistakes, milla can be quite forgiving, and you seem very remorseful. For now, try to learn more about the forums! You’ll like it here. If you need anything else, just let me know.




Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.


Somebody I knew who were gonna get cloud banned


if you want to PM milla click this link


Wow…I’m kinda surprised people are trying to help…it’s kinda shocking not only strangers are helping me, but it doesn’t even seem like y’all are role players (sorry if I’m wrong). I’ll try to work my way up so I can talk to milla. Thanks for all the help, you guys have no idea how much I appreciate it.


@wikiFAYZ is a great role player. :slight_smile:


No problem : ). There are actually a lot of roleplay threads on the forums you might like.


Woah…wait…the staff doesn’t hate role players? Ugh…a bunch of dudes claiming to be from the staff went around telling everyone in the anime servers differently to put it nicely. That’s pretty cool that there’s lotsa role players though…never woulda guessed…


Staff members always have a red box around their picture and their name is red. The only two known super mods (staff members) are MajicDave and milla.


They said they were a lower class used for locking inappropriate servers…I kinda didn’t buy it, but as the owner of basically the cleanest furry/anime role play server that’s been going on for quite some time now, I wasn’t taking chances.


You may wish to report those impostors to milla via PM. Only milla and majicDave have the ability to lock servers and/or cloudban.

Have a read of this:


As asyc says, I’d like a private message detailing the players, if you remember them.


Yay! A roleplayer!
I am a roleplayer too. Atleast, I used to. I don’t roleplay that much anymore.

I have a (inactive :frowning: ) group, called ARP (Appropriate Roleplay). The point of it is(/was) to stop inappropriate roleplayers and show them that roleplay doesn’t need to be inappropriate to be fun. If you’d like and if you get uncloudbanned, you can join.

I used to be a roleplayer on wolf roleplay servers. Maybe you’ve heard about them. They used to be a safe place for children, appropriate and fun. A lot of those people messed them up and made them inappropriate, many of my old friends stepped on the “dark side of the roleplay world.” (Lol, that’s how I like to call it.) I “saved” some, but lost a lot of friends. I am trying to bring the appropriate roleplay servers back.

Anyways, welcome to the forums! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you got any questions that I could answer, or just are bored and need someone to talk to, you can always PM me. I don’t guarantee I will always answer, though, I will try. :laughing:


Ye, yes, I’m a good role=player XD
Here’s my RP: A Young War (Roleplay)


Reply @wikiFAYZ it’s been a week…

Anywho hope you get unbanned @Furry_Eli