Please read this milla!


@wikiFAYZ is a great role player. :slight_smile:


No problem : ). There are actually a lot of roleplay threads on the forums you might like.


Woah…wait…the staff doesn’t hate role players? Ugh…a bunch of dudes claiming to be from the staff went around telling everyone in the anime servers differently to put it nicely. That’s pretty cool that there’s lotsa role players though…never woulda guessed…


Staff members always have a red box around their picture and their name is red. The only two known super mods (staff members) are MajicDave and milla.


They said they were a lower class used for locking inappropriate servers…I kinda didn’t buy it, but as the owner of basically the cleanest furry/anime role play server that’s been going on for quite some time now, I wasn’t taking chances.


You may wish to report those impostors to milla via PM. Only milla and majicDave have the ability to lock servers and/or cloudban.

Have a read of this:


As asyc says, I’d like a private message detailing the players, if you remember them.


Yay! A roleplayer!
I am a roleplayer too. Atleast, I used to. I don’t roleplay that much anymore.

I have a (inactive :frowning: ) group, called ARP (Appropriate Roleplay). The point of it is(/was) to stop inappropriate roleplayers and show them that roleplay doesn’t need to be inappropriate to be fun. If you’d like and if you get uncloudbanned, you can join.

I used to be a roleplayer on wolf roleplay servers. Maybe you’ve heard about them. They used to be a safe place for children, appropriate and fun. A lot of those people messed them up and made them inappropriate, many of my old friends stepped on the “dark side of the roleplay world.” (Lol, that’s how I like to call it.) I “saved” some, but lost a lot of friends. I am trying to bring the appropriate roleplay servers back.

Anyways, welcome to the forums! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you got any questions that I could answer, or just are bored and need someone to talk to, you can always PM me. I don’t guarantee I will always answer, though, I will try. :laughing:


Ye, yes, I’m a good role=player XD
Here’s my RP: A Young War (Roleplay)


Reply @wikiFAYZ it’s been a week…

Anywho hope you get unbanned @Furry_Eli


(Pls respond to The Vehemens @wikiFAYZ thank chu bye)

Anyway, back on topic.
I hope you get unbanned. But the truth is, maybe you shouldn’t trust your in game friends too much. I know it’s hard to find friends in real life–you can see how they look, how they act, and judge every little thing they do for yourself and there are just so much awful people in the world you might run into. But on the internet the only thing you see is what they type, and believe me that isn’t always the truth. But I know the Blockheads is a fun game. If you aren’t unbanned yet or something, there’s always Singleplayer!

A lot of nice people here may or may not have a biased view against roleplaying due to the many anime roleplay servers or whatever they’re called. I myself–despite being an enthusiastic roleplayer for 3-4 years now–also have a very biased and overly critical view on roleplaying. But RPs can be different, and the nice kind of appropriate roleplay isn’t bad nor a crime. It’s just that there are kids playing and some RP I’ve seen…is not for kids, yea, that.


Sorry no one gave you a “welcome to the forums cookie” so here it is! :cookie:


I KNOW I KNOW!! My bf had been wanting me to RP with him only all last week XD. I’ll respond soon.


Hope you get the resolved.


Our forums are our family! Welcome to our family! :smiley:

@wikiFAYZ, @SomeRandomUser, @Alexandra_Inglorien, @arachnidsGreed, @Pokehgs, and myself are the main role-players here. Role-play is allowed here, as long as its appropriate. :slight_smile:


Wow, I’m counted as a main roleplayer. Yay.


I didn’t know there were “main roleplayers”.


Okay so I tried to say this yesterday, but I wasn’t aware that I have limited replies >~>. ANYHOW! Thanks to EVERYONE for helping me catch on to the forums so quickly, and thanks to milla SOOOOO much for unbanning me! I’ll probably stick around the forums anyway, since I definitely run into servers that uhh…let’s just say should never have existed on any game in the world since the beginning of time…to put it nicely XD. Anyway, Imma probs put up a thing for my server here, as soon as Yknow, I fix up whatever my friends did while I was gone XD. Oh, and about whoever was talking online friends(sorry, I have a bad time remembering names) I’ve known them all for years now, since I’ve known my bestie sinnzou for way over two years now XD. Thanks again everyone, and MMMMMMMMMMMMBAI BAI!!!~


Yeah the staff are not against RPers, there is a group called the BCIS that threatens anime servers into giving admin then ruins the server

If you see any BCIS activity report it to milla


Glad everything worked out! :+1: