Please stop saying it like all anime fans are tc hackers


The thing some of you guys are missing here is; almost all non-forums servers have small cheats like unknowns and duping, a great deal of them also have hacking and TC pirating, and a large number of those servers are also anime. So a lot of these are gonna intersect with each other and some of them won’t. If everything I just said made no sense at all, then I’d like to make a conclusion. We should focus on improving public servers as a whole, since anime servers are definitely not to blame for the factors that are likely to show up in any novice server.


Well 99% of those bad public servers will die off due to the 1.7 server credit.

Also in my experience using the random server button, I don’t recall ever seeing any type of hacking or free tc servers, which are main problems. It seems that even though you do specify “almost all” you are still are still doing same thing you claim we do to anime servers, including servers that shouldn’t be included.

The thing is, generally anime servers tend to be far more prone to free tc and other hacks than other categories.

When a generalization is made, you should always assume there will acceptions, because there will be. There is no point in getting offended, generalizations themselves indicate there are exceptions, otherwise it wouldn’t be a generalization.


It really depends on players. Using the randomizing button I have met servers where cheats are not encouraged, and some people are against it, but there are people who do use the cheats and no one really cares. I’ve never met a server where there is no one who uses cheats/hacks at all, or maybe I am just unlucky.


Well I belive non-forum Servers rarely actively discourage hacks, but since it will cost money to make server, I think people will be more protective of their servers and have more rules against hacking and all that. Though, I don’t think auto-banning hackers will be a good approach, I think a good portion of them have not been exposed to any decent amount of opposition to their activities and might stop if we take the time to educate and explain things (Obviously some hackers will be beyond saving and will need to be banned).

So I guess it comes down to this, it doesn’t really matter where the largest portions of hackers currently reside, after 1.7 kills the vast majority of those servers they take refuge on, they will eventually have to come to us, or leave the game. So instead of pointing fingers everywhere, we need to point our fingers at ourselves and figure out we are going to do, because 1.7 will probably be the most crucial time, in our battle against hackers, to date.


I’m like an Admiral in that battle. XD


@nobodyatall no you are not, remember this It’s not okay to run interference between me and our community

anyways a very big thank you to all of you for the understanding


It was a joke.


Then sorry, I don’t get how it’s funny


You wouldn’t understand it. Just never mind.


I don’t get it either, IDK who you were attempting to get a laugh from…


I said never mind.


Like Alexandra, I have met a person who uses cheats on every server I’ve joined through the random button. Your view is justified though, maybe I’ve just been randomizing to all the wrong servers. :sweat_smile:

I also don’t feel that there are more bad servers that are anime related, milla’s data correlates with my personal experiences on this one.

I’m definitely not offended, and completely agree with your last paragraph, there will always be exceptions. I just think that the generalization isn’t really more relevant in regards to anime servers. :slight_smile:


Zika’s probably done more than anyone to remove such horrid things found on these servers, so thank him for cleaning your “community”

And also, in that sentence he said he was an admiral against hacking and you said not to attack the community…


I won’t argue where the hackers currently are any more.


You mean milla*
Official authorities remove :raspberry:


I actually really respect and fear this long-existing organisation called ROP at the same time, because of how much work they’ve done. (If ROP had been created half a year earlier than its actual creation date, I would’ve made it straight into their master blacklist. many old players can verify. ) I’m just saying this now because I don’t really care about this game anymore.

Also, @nobodyatall , if you want to clean communities… do you know the saying that goes, “Kindness starts from home”? For example, if you went out of your house and used this same enthusiasm to voluntarily sweep the paths along your Neighbourhood, I’m sure you’ll be liked by the local mayor (or whatever real-life version of milla) in no time.

I’m weird, bye.


This shouldn’t even be talked about. I have done plenty for the community, doesn’t mean I’ve done more or less than Milla. @milla I think you should remove the off topic posts about what I do, it’s redundant.


There is big reason I haven’t joined ROP, it seems to much like they are trying to protecting themselves more than they are trying to actually solve anything. I have previously said this before, but I am probably totally wrong and they are doing something to solve the issue, but I speak from the outsiders perspective.

PS This topic started as a request for people to stop negative stereotypes against the anime community, and we are drifting a good distance away from that topic…


I honestly think one of the main reasons anime servers tale the blame for most of the bad stuff on the cloud is for 2 reasons.

  • Popularity
  • Personal Preference

Anime servers are some of the most played on servers in the cloud sometimes having 16 players on at once and only having less than 16 for a few seconds every so often on some servers. Since they are so popular, they are more noticeable than others for how they act. If the majority of anime servers has bad behavior, everyone thinks the anime servers are bad. If Minecraft servers became more popular than anime and they had bad behavior, I assume people would start criticizing Minecraft servers for the same reason. They stand out.

Another reason I think people exclusively say that anime servers are bad is because they don’t like anime. They have already have a poor reputation from all the bad servers being so popular, that it just gives people another exscuse to badmouth the anime servers when really they may just do it because they don’t like anime and wish the servers would go away. (Disclaimer: This is just pure speculation)

Either way, at the end of the day anime only makes up a small fraction of the bad servers on the cloud. Like seriously, I’m not kidding. You would not belive how many bad servers are not anime servers.


Very good points, I like it.