Pole and equator spawning


Whenever you spawn In a world, the world has 2 poles and 2 equators- the North Pole, South Pole, Western Equator, and Eastern Equator. My question that I need want an answer to is do you always spawn right in between the poles. If not, do you always spawn right next to a pole/equator? Is there a specific one that you spawn next to?


To my knowledge, it’s random.


That’s what I was hoping wasn’t true…

I’m an explorer for a 16x world and I am 200tc away from spawn but yet still no signs of a pole/equator


200tc isn’t that great an indicator. Just like 10tc is the minimum cost even if you’re right beside the portal, 200 tc is the maximum no matter how far away you get.


Oh well then I’ve gotten farther than I wanted…


That must suck really bad!


It does! I don’t even have 200 tc and to have someone teleport to anti spawn to help me will suck in the world…


This is why I tend to stick with regular worlds, rather than the larger ones.


I believe @Wingysam modified a mac world to spawn at the North Pole.


I did do that once in 1.6. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share how here.



My world that i maintain has the North Pole to the right and the equator to the left, so you should know how it spawns.

But of course it’s 16x so it is very far away.


Yup. 16x words are a pain to travel. I said before, but I died twice just trying to get to the North Pole. Being AFK and jetpack autopiloting never works.


I don’t even have a jet pack is the thing


I am fine with that in this instance.

Note that this is not a blanket approval of the sharing of all such modifications. I am permitting this particular one only. Anyone wishing to share a modification of game files should ask me about it, as it’s a case-by-case thing.


Okay. Here’s how I did it:
I found the worldv2, then changed startPortalPos.x to 0, then I changed startPortalPos.y until it worked (has to be above ground).

This is harder to do in 1.7 now that there’s a database, but still possible.


Unless if you’re building.


No, even when building. It’s harder than you’d think to fill even a regular-sized world.