Poles Position?


Have the poles position been the same through out blockheads lifespan?

Like North Pole, East equator, South Pole, West equator.

Instead of

North Pole, South Pole, West equator, East equator?

Have they been the same or was it like that at one point?

Because I think at one point I remember it like that unless I missed the equator.


it is north,east,south and west


The poles have always been the same. Going for realism, I suppose–I don’t see how the north pole and the south pole could be next to each other. :laughing:


Yeah, and I don’t think the equator’s would’ve been next to each other either.


Let’s see here…

@TheFoil’s suggestions

Well, I never heard of poles being at different locations rather than evenly spread out. Unless you’re on a different seed, poles will still be evenly spread out but at different places.