Pool in hell


I found a pool of water near hell. I decided to plant some kelp in it. Some fish sometimes spawn but they die instantly.


How did the water not turn into basalt?


You should be asking how is the kelp growing on stone


Kelp can grow on everything.


If you find water on on magma naturally it won’t turn into basalt, idk why


I put a layer of stone for the kelp to grow. I found the cave with the lava touching the water and decided to put some kelp there to see if fishes would spawn.


Even the devil likes to swim :slight_smile:


Make it deep enough so sharks can spawn, let’s see if they die instantly now…


This is similar to the time I had Natural water on top of magma , but larger


Probably because the water wasn’t placed there by anyone, it randomly generated there when the world was created.


While eating garlic.




can it grow on trees?


maybe. I might try to spawn bears but i think trees burn


lava doesn’t burn things for some reason. also fire does damage quicker then lava :confused:


Update: All my kelp died