The idea is the popsicle maker. It will take 1 marble block, 5 ice and 3 wood and it will be made in the workbench. It will make all the fruit types of popsicle. It can make orange, cherry, lime, mango and apple popsicles. Each popsicle will take 3 of the fruit and 1 ice to make 1 popsicle and it will take 30 seconds to make. The popsicle will refill the hunger the same amount that 1 dodo egg does. The popsicle will also cool down your blockhead the same amount that a chili does but the opposite temperature. If you eat too many popsicles at once your blockhead will get very cold and even freeze to death. Dave shud totally add dis suggestion


What’s with the title?


Is there an issue with it?


Awesome suggestion.


Yes, there was. Deliberately breaking the rules like that earns bans.