Porky’s Sky Castle


I made a floating castle in the sky. Read more about it on my forum here:


Wow its so amazing




Why did you choose black as the color for the castle? I’m interested.


It looks good! The three layers of whitish looking columns thing don’t have the same pattern though. It’s a curious choice to do that but it still looks great :slight_smile:
:clap: +1 from me!


Hmph! I can do better!!

Nah just kidding. I can’t be bothered to make something as amazing as that. Not sure that I could if I tried. But if I did try, I think I can make an interesting spin on a floating castle-ish build.


The basalt was suggested by Oreo, and I loved it!

@Celadon those are windows. :slight_smile:

Here’s a closeup. :smile:


even more amazing close up!!!


That ruby chandelier at the top tho


makes it even cooler


Is the castle habitable? Do you live there?


Yes and no. :slight_smile:


I admire you choice of block palate.


That is one great castle. How long did it take you to build the island??? :laughing:


I like the spiky island, nice castle Porky.


It’s beautiful :slight_smile:


It took a while, though I sometimes had long breaks (days long). :sweat_smile:


Holy goodness! This is crazy good! :smiley:


Really nice job, Porky! It looks amazing. :thumbsup: