Porky's 3D Photo Gallery


I have an XYZ da Vinci Mini 3D printer (I know, not the best by far). I will post some of the things I have made here. :wink:

Blockheads Prints:


The first thing that I have ever designed in order to print it. It falls over, so it’s not the @ best1ever… (please excuse my pun :stuck_out_tongue: )


My favorite one that I have designed! This is also the first time that I have used supports. Don’t judge lol.


This is the worst thing that I have designed so far… It is supposed to be a dropbear, but it had other plans… :thinking:

Blockhead in Boat:

This one has taken the most maintenance by far.

Female Blockhead:

She has taken me a long while to design her. It was worth it though. :wink:


Designed with Jemni in mind, this sturdy handcar can hold one blockhead to zoom around the tracks.

Male Blockhead Miner:

Only took about two and a half hours to print! This was designed easily after I made some adjustments to the Female Blockhead.

Cave Troll:

Easier to design than I thought, and it only took two hours to print! :smiley:

French/Parisian Landmarks:

Eiffel Tower:

It took many tries to get this one right. None of the other designs I found worked. (I found this and all the others below on the internet.)

La Pyramide du Louvre:

One of my favorite of all of these. I hope to one day see it. :grimacing:

L’Arc de Triomphe:

I actually did a school project on this landmark. Oh how I love France…

Other Random Prints:


Ooh cool! I want one. :stuck_out_tongue: I never get this stuff, though; how does it work?


It is a printer that prints three dimensional obdjects
They don’t move
Well the printers squirt plastics to make these


Think of a regular printer. You type up a school paper and hit print. Out comes your work on paper. This printer works a tad different. Porky either downloads a print job, or creates his own (like the Blockheads inspired things above) and tells the printer to print. His 3D printer uses filament (plastic) to print instead of toner/ink and paper. :slight_smile:


Those aren’t toy figure things???


Nope lol


Its a peice of paper???


No, it’s PLA. Basically plastic.


lol CG. Read above at how I explained the printer :slight_smile:


Oh so it isn’t a flat material that LOOKS likes its an object?


No, it is three dimensional. Not two.


Ohhh cool

I still don’t get it…

EDIT: So u take a picture of something and this printer forms it out of plastic?


I have to get a file for the print that I want to make. Then, I plug my laptop into my printer, and “send” it over.

I technically don’t take a picture, but there is a way similar to doing that. I would basically take a 3D scanner device and “take pictures” of the object I want to scan and print.

Edit: does this help?


I’m sticking with my Legos :wink:


Have you ever been to a Lego store? They have huge bins with all different kinds of pieces you buy individually. Your lego builds are fantastic! If they have a store near you, you simply must go :slight_smile:


The closest store to me is Chicago, which is like, a long drive. They almost opened one near me but then they didn’t and it made me mad. I guess I’ll just have to get some from the internet.
It’s cheaper from the internet most times anyways.


So true. You are probably right about that! Keep it up. I enjoy seeing your stuff :slight_smile:


Off topic, but can Paint 3D in the Windows Creator Update, print?




I actually have no idea. I will have to test that, but I would think the answer is no. If it can give me an STL file, then yes, it can.

Edit: added Blockhead in Boat to OP: