Porky's 3D Photo Gallery


Have u made a Blockhead body before? Like it’s entire body shown printed?


I am going to soon. I have many thoughts of what to do… :wink:




Awesome stuff! If you want to make something other than models, look at what Gzumwalt made. I really like your eiffel tower. It looks close to the actual thing. (other than the color)



Wow, those looks so cool! I will have to try some of those. :thinking:


this is some good stuff here
I wish I have enough money for a 3d printer


Added female blockhead and handcar to the OP:


What will you do with these creations now they are made?? paint them? Stash them in a cupboard or draw?? It’s very cool to have a 3D printer… I’d build mini houses with it if I had one LOL… model houses… like my paper mache one’s… hmmm, where’s an image… going off topic LOL

aww dang… images on other computer… will have to wait.



I will probably just toss them in a cupboard, hehe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just told Porky today we need to get him some kind of display box for these. They are starting to accumulate lol :smile:


Awesome stuff Porky!! If only we could auction stuff like this somehow XD


Added Male Blockhead Miner to OP:


That fidget spinner :joy:


What about it?


Its a meme!


These are great. :thumbsup:


Added cave troll to op. :wink:

I am printing one slightly larger as I am typing this. :slight_smile:
I am also going to order some blue filament in the next few days. :wink:


What program do you use to model these Porky? I have a certification in Autodesk Inventor Professional that I was able to get in school a couple of years ago and my teacher had a MakerBot in her classroom and would let us print any small models we made.


I use 3D Slash or (rarely) XYZMAKER. I will check that out. :wink:


Check out my thread on my forum!

I have updated it with a post about my gift to my teachers.

All eight of my teachers will recieve one, and it says “TO THE BEST TEACHER.”