I just created my 5 server with the option expert mode. in the start of the game I don’t know how but a guy gave me a portal chest, I think but this its a expert server and that item cannot be made. But WOW I place the portal chest and didn’t convert in a normal chest like on custom rules that’s the reason I’m here for ask if this is possible!

Here’s another pic using the portal chest.

I’m surprised you’re even able to use it. Here’s why:

If you have a vanilla world that’s been migrated to custom and has existing portal chests placed, the only option for interacting with them is ONLY a remove button.

Yeah but idk why if there’s no recipe for craft how this can be placed

It’s probably a modification tool that edits game systems, likely something with universal item
spawning as a script within it. You can probably interact with it because crafting, but not use, was prohibited. I’m not a dev though, so don’t take my answer as final.

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It’s 100% usable you can see I already take pole items

I mean that crafting was prohibited, but use may not have been.

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Oh yeah

You have even more portal chests too! Lucky! :sweat_smile:

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I wonder what would happen if you bring an expert mode workbench into a vanilla world.


That’s actually quite an idea! I wanna see it happen!

Same goes for some of the expert exclusive things!


Anyone tried this yet? Transferring an expert item to a vanilla world? Would love to hear about it!


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