Portal chest Problem


This doesn’t really bother me but I feel it’s worth mentioning. When I open up my PC (portal chest) I went to grab something out of it. But I accidentally clicked a box that hadn’t nothing in it. Once I clicked that space the whole portal slots went dark and I couldn’t grab ANYTHING out of it. But I could put stuff in it. Once I put the stuff back in it fixed it.


I think that means that it’s connecting to the server that an item has been placed/removed from the portal chest.


Were you on a multiplayer world or a singleplayer one, and has this happened more than once?


This was multiplayer although I haven’t tried it on single player because I don’t have enough tc to make another one. And it happens every time @milla


Singleplayer worlds are free to make, as we don’t host them. You store them on your device.


Did he mean not enough TC to make another portal chest? :no_mouth:


Oh, good point!

@I544C: PM me your support ID and I’ll send you some. It’s in the support section of the HELP/CREDITS screen, reached from the pause menu. Don’t post it publicly. Just PM to me.


Ok thanks. And I meant to make a PC. Thanks. I’ll get it now. I sent it to you just now.




Okay, we’ve established this only happens in multiplayer, so it’s most likely lag. There’s not a great deal we can do about this, so I’ll leave it at that for now. If we find the problem gets more common I’ll review this.


Thanks so much!