Portal Chest Upgrade

I know BH will most likely never get an upgrade, but I think this would be a nice simple addition that would make the game a little bit better.

Have you ever wished you could have a portal chest in a custom world? I wish that all the time, especially because they can be 16x and your BH’s can be very far apart. So, I think portal chests should be split into two items. The universal portal chest that would be exactly the same as the current portal chest, and the portal chest which would only be able to move stuff around in the world that you made it in. So you could have it in a custom world.


It would be unfair that you can bring free things to survival worlds

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no the custom portal chests would only be in that world.

That is actually a great idea!


yes i think so, especially for 16x server worlds.

I think we definitely need something I have multiple portal chests on skeeve’s city but it’s vanilla I know some people don’t have the time to watch ads every 10 minutes I won’t when school starts (but I’ll be able to buy tc)


seems like a great edition, so essentially an ender chest and then the portal chest we have now when you upgrade it? brilliant idea


except people in custom worlds cant upgrade it for the obvious reasons.

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it applies the same rules as regular portal chests, because portal chests are already a banned material in custom rules, you couldn’t make it anyway

however if the ‘ender chest’ type concept only applies to the world so that would work, i guess just disabling the crafting recipe in custom worlds just like the portal chest one is now would work


I always use portal chests in single player vanilla worlds as a way to mail items from one blockhead to another, so I’ve wanted this for years…if only.

I think it’s a great idea. It could just replace where the portal chest is in the portal crafting menu and the description could be changed to explain that you can only transport items in this world.