Portal Chests in Custom Worlds


Hi there!

After playing on a few custom servers, I realised that life would be MUCH easier if portal chests could be used in custom worlds. In order to pass items from blockhead to blockhead, I have to travel great distances just to do so. Sure, you could just teleport, but why waste the time crystals for a round trip? Why waste the time travelling, when all it takes is a few seconds to transfer items with a portal chest?

I’ve searched the forums and seen a similar suggestion, but it suggests a brand new portal chest item just for custom worlds. Why not keep the item the same as the portal chest vanilla/survival, but not allowing transferring of items to other worlds? It would require the same items to craft, and saves time in designing a new item and code.

Also, if you migrate a vanilla server to custom, any existing portal chests already crafted or placed will remain usable, just unable to transfer items outside the world, so you don’t waste the time crystals used to make it. The items inside the portal chest before migration will remain for all other survival worlds, but will disappear for the migrated world.

Of course, this should be able to be changed in custom settings. I was thinking of:
-Portal chests enabled
-Portal chests disabled (any existing portal chests cannot be placed/used)
-Admin only

What do you think? :slight_smile:


I understand where you are coming from and I know a lot of players support this suggestion.
I totally don’t want to turn it down, just express my thoughts on the subject.

Given this quote

may I ask: Why waste time crafting virtual stuff on a screen? Why waste time exploring virtual server worlds? Why waste time on a game at all?

To me the obvious answers are: Because it’s fun. Because we master a challenge. Because we learn something. Because we socialise with friends.
And to me working out a good and sleek transport system between BHs spread far apart is part of the challenge and the fun. The shortcut of an intra-world portal chest would make this aspect of the game all too easy for me.

Of course people have different opinions on what particular parts of the game constitute a fun “challenge” or are just plain boring. There is nothing wrong with those different opinions. But I hesitate to ask for making everything easier or faster for convenience.


Note this is about custom, not vanilla or expert, so the intricate problem solving stuff you talking about isn’t as prevalent in most cases.


That would become very confusing to people. If something doesn’t work the same as something else, I personally think it should be a new item.


I support any intra-world means of transporting items between your own characters.

I get what Ronnie is saying and I totally agree with the challenge and mastering part of what he is saying. And I think encouraging that experience is an important thing. That being said, some custom worlds are not created for the challenge (e.g. Pixel Art Worlds) and many players have met the challenge many times – mastered circumventing worlds, established worlds from scratch without help, upgraded benches to the highest level, upgraded portals from mining (as opposed to buying gems), etc. I’m talking about players who have not shirked from exploration and have actively embraced challenges from the game.

I think having an intra-world ability to pass items between your own characters would be incredibly valuable when it comes to

  1. paints (if you want to create multiple large paint projects in multiple areas very far away from each other, creating an array of all the paints needed many times over is a REAL time suck)
  2. recycling (on custom worlds where the free everything but no sell option is selected). When you are building you may not know exactly how many or what exact types of blocks you need, so you buy way more than you probably end up using. In the past, you could just get rid of them using the trash doors method, now that’s not possible. You can dig your way to lava, or more likely, you stick extra items in chests to deal with later. I know part of it is my own general proclivity to recycle, but I would love a way to transfer items so that I don’t have to figure out a way to get rid of items and cut down on buying items twice for no reason.


I would like a safe way to transport eggs. If an intra world transfer chest works for that I am all for it!


Erh, not sure if you are serious about that. To me it seems Dave’s time is better spent fixing the egg glitch than giving us intra world chests😂


Some people do enjoy the challenge of transporting items across long distances. Well, I can see where you are coming from, and I don’t disagree. Which is why I included the option if disabling portal chests.

But it really isn’t fun if you’re in a hurry and people are asking for items from you, when your items are high up in in a sky plot. XD
Also, it is possible to transfer items across the world in vanilla already. Shouldn’t custom worlds be capable of having a similar ability? After all, custom worlds is meant to allow you to control your game play, not restrict it more than a vanilla world.

@KP7 In my opinion, having a brand new item would actually make the gameplay more confusing. Portal chests in custom have almost the same function as vanilla anyway. But that’s just my opinion. Perhaps it could have a changed description in the crafting portal for custom worlds? “Store items across the world”. Instead of “across worlds”.


I think it’s an interesting idea to just keep portal chests in custom but modify their ability slightly, as proposed in the OP. Imagine though how many forums posts there will be with panicked players thinking that their portal chests are “not working” or are “glitched out”. Mass hysteria.

@Ray, I like your point about the intention of a custom world. Good point.


A very good point indeed.

But you could also apply it to portal chests as we know them. Not being able to use them in custom worlds is restricting our gameplay, but there is a reason for it.


there are no pc in custom worlds because you can just place 99 blocks in there and it goes to you vanilla world.


What do you mean by that?


you can just get a lot of anything on your vanilla server through portal chests (tc)


Sorry for any misunderstandings. I meant that the portal chests in custom worlds, when implemented, only allows transferring items WITHIN the world itself (ie all portal chests of each custom world has its own items) and not to other custom/vanilla worlds.


makes sence now.


I do agree that some form of transfer between blockheads on custom worlds would be convenient.

However, I think that using the same portal chest would get confusing.


I agree that the portal chest and the intra world transfer chest should be two distinctly different items. Why not have existing portal chests just be converted to the new transfer chest when the world is converted instead of being converted to a golden chest? Maybe the new transfer chest can be a different color. It can be red instead of blue. Maybe it can require a ruby portal to create and that way if owners don’t want portal chests on survival worlds but still want the ability to transfer items between blockhead it can be done.


No. That would be disastrous. People can make a portal chest in a custom world, make everything free, load it onto their portal chest, and use the stuff in their vanilla world. It will COMPLETELY imbalance the economy of the game.


Oh nvm I didn’t read the middle part :confused:


I am all in for intra world item transfers.

Actually i had to ditch my new custom single world which i just tuned a little for things i dont have time and will to worry. Planned and started an underworld rail system just to find out i dont have patience as old times to travel all the way back and forth just to ditch items back and refuel needs. With a portal chest i could transfer items i want to keep to start area and refuel my worker with whatever he needed.

A suggestion here is portaling back. Thing is its not just portaling back to start area. You also need to come back to other half of the world. And what happens when you run out time crystals? Its not fun at all, not for me at least.

Another argument is cheating with items from custom world to vanilla world. Well if you happen to have a pc in vanilla (“survival”) you can do that with multiplayer anyways. It doesnt matter where item come from but where it goes to.

Once you think about, it makes much more sense having portal chest ( be it device or world only portal) in a custom world than having in a “survival” world.

Here are my two cents.