Portal Chests in Custom Worlds


Actually a red ‘transfer chest’ would be great. Something like a deep red but similar texture as the portal chest. And both of them glow in the dark, make them more distinguishable from a painted blue/red chest.

In multiplayer it could transfer between your blockheads and not another players blockheads if they tried to look inside. As in, if one of your block heads put an item in a Transfer chest another of you blockheads will be able to pick it up but if a blockhead of another player looks inside, they will not see the item. They can place an item so another of their blockhead will be able to pick it up but you, instead, will not see their items. Just your own.

Either that or it can just have both transfer but also act as a safe that others can’t open?


on vanilla servers i used a portal chest to transport stuff.


Same here. On servers that allow it, I just bring in more portal chests because I can afford to do so. In the mean time, until I could get a portal chest, I just teleported between portals that people already put down.


It would probably also need a new name. Instead of portal chest, we could call it a world chest or server chest.

I also like the red color idea and made from Ruby portal.

It could function the same as a portal chest except for only allowing for transfer between bhs of the same user on only one server.

This type of chest would be particularly useful on those 16x worlds!

Keeping my fingers crossed for this to be implemented.