Portal Chests in Expert Mode (Rethought of another suggestion thread i made long ago)


So, I think I may have the perfect solution on a portal chest that could work in expert mode.

First things first, they would spawn in caves where trolls usually lie. Their spawn rate would be 30%, so 1 in 70 cave trolls until you would get one.

Then when you find a cave troll that has one it would be a disabled portal chest which will have a grey color to it.

To Reactivate a portal chest you would need 10 diamonds and 100 time crystals, then you would have a portal chest.

This portal chest will have its own unique data thing, so it will not work with transferring from vanilla to expert, just expert to expert.

Likely hood of seeing this be added is I would be guessing 1 in 100,000.


How can a portal chest have an IP?


Even if it had its own IP, which would be really unnecessary, it would not change anything, it would basically still work and it would allow the mass production of PCs.

Most likely.


Siloing two portal chest inventories for use in different play modes would in no way need to use an IP address. This kind of functionality does not engage with the networking interface.


Sorry for the confusion, what I mean by IP is it wouldn’t be connected to the same data as a normal portal chest would. but rather have its own unique data

I have edited the OP to remove the confusing part, should have stated what it would mean.


Interesting, that would actually work.


It would work exactly the same way as two regular chests, except that the data would always be stored on your device, rather than in the world data.


I thought that would be 1 in 3… I’m not that good at math so I might be wrong though…


I don’t really know that so I am just making guesses


Yeah, 0.30 isn’t a third…
1/70 chance isn’t pretty much close to that…
30/100 would be the most appropriate fraction for that, and that way it is slightly more possible to appear.


30/100 = 3/10