Portal workbench


crafted at:
portal workbench
10 tc
1 stone
1 ice torch
in a portal workbench, you can craft:
portal doors
portal trapdoors
portal iron doors
portal iron trapdoor
portal signs

portal doors:
2 doors
1 portal

portal trapdoors:
2 trapdoors
1 portal

portal iron doors:
2 iron doors
1 portal

portal iron trapdoors:
2 iron trapdoors
1 portal

these items will teleport you to the other pair when placed. (if only one of the pair is placed, it acts like a normal door)

portal signs:
1 golden sign
1 sign
20 tc

portal signs act like a golden sign ,but instead of protecting, it prevents you from teleporting(for prison servers)


You can just disable teleporting on custom.


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You aren’t.


its my catchphrase


its a workbench where you make:


Good idea but could use tweaking.
Also would make a bit pay to win (tc for teleport)


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@bloky2018. Are you sure I started at six. :joy:


It varies in different countries.


This seems kinda uneven. If a portal costs 120 time crystals to make, and you use these trapdoors/doors 200TC away from each other, then Dave doesn’t get any money. .-.


Creative ideas! For once this time no one has read my mind. I like this :slight_smile:


You need 2 portals for 2 doors. So 200tc distance - 240 tc with doors.


But after you use it multiple times…


Well who has enough tc to repeatedly go between a 200 tc distance?


I think the teleport option on portals is enough.


1portal per 2doors/trapdoors


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But back on topic.


I kind of like it. Though I get why people might want it, teleporting without using tc I’m guessing.

I have heaps of tc to teleport very often, but I would install this immediately at the poles. how does it work with multiple portal items more than a pair?
Do you still have to swipe to find where you are going? How do you determine which doors are connected to another? Or can you only make a pair since three will malfunction?