Possibility of blockheads 2? Community’s thoughts

Just wondering if they will ever be one. Heck, even a blockheads 1.8 would be nice, also a system that sends a message to everyone online to come join their server that costs ()tc to use.


Probably not. It’s either he will make update 1.8 or he’s not doing anything


Dave is currently working on the game Sapiens, and I assume he’s going to work on that first before going back to The Blockheads, if ever:


A sequel to Blockheads is highly unlikely. On the other hand, a sequel to Sapiens is much more likely.

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hm, i suppose a troll blockheads 2 would be alright, similar to Minecraft 2.0

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Nobody knows. There are no plans related to the Blockheads app at all. This may or may not change. As mentioned, Sapiens is in development, and goes into alpha soon. There’s zero chance of Blockheads getting a look-in as a result.

If you are interested in Sapiens, beta testers will be recruited from the community already forming around the title. You can find all the blog posts and social channels here:


If there was a sequel to the blockheads, it would need to be vastly different to the original. many ways of the original would need to be altered. but at least it would give light to a new engine which would be less buggier and i wouldn’t imagine how the graphics of the game would look like.

i would also like to imagine the game would be a PC and iOS game as it would probably make sense for this time of day.

i would love to explore a sequel game, as after a while the old game gets stale. like in a sequel game, i would like to imagine it would be much harder than the original, in a sort of expert mode style of play. where you would not be able to punch trees and such. But unfortunately a sequel is highly unlikely.

There appears to be some demand for a sequel.


Things that people search :rofl:


i can’t handle a sequel, please… one is enough, just make sapiens

I’m sure others have a exact vice versus opinion to that lol

common, yes, but is it the best?

Depends if Dave wants to I guess,but he doesn’t or atleast we think he doesn’t…

i can’t speak for him, but if he’s making sapiens and putting far more effort on it than blockheads there’s little point to the contrary