Post templates!


Post Templates

here I show my fancy templates for awesome posts! Tip: do not combine these templates unless you see this label: PP (! Or - or i or ?) (key ! Means MUST BE USED AT BOTTUM - MEANS ANYWHERE but BOTTUM / TOP i MEANS TOP ONLY.)

Title unit: PP (?)

<html> <p> <big> <b> <div align=center> Post Title </div> </b> </big> </p> </html>

none yet




Uhh, What?

Can you clarify please?


What I understand it that he will make a HTML format that you can copy and paste to make your posts…


I’ll post some templates too!

One for suggestions


The Apple Sword!

What it does

When used it heals the blockhead's health and damages the enemy's health. Blah blah, it looks red and nice, blah, this would have a lot more text if this was a real suggestion, this is a fake one so you can just replace this with your normal text when you're done, ok, I should leave, bye.

How it would look

Why it should be in the blockheads

It shouldn't, this is just a fake suggestion, of course, replace this with your own reason of why your item or feature should be in the blockheads. Anyway, I think it's time to go, bye again!

Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion! I hope you like it.


<div align=center><big><b>Name of feature/item</b></div></big>
<br><h2>What it does</h2>
<br><h2>How it would look</h2>

<img src='image url here' width=120 height=120>
<br><h2>Why it should be in the blockheads</h2>
more text

 Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion! I hope you like it.


@TheBest1Ever please make sure he learns his lesson :laughing:


I’ll pass.


I think I’m also gonna pass.