Post what badge you earn here!


Someone asked for a thread to post badges in, and here it is! Instead of making a whole new thread saying “I got regular!” or “I got reader!”, just post what badges you get here! You can also say what badge you are trying to get, if you want.

The Badge Earning Thread
I earned the respected badge!
I've been here on the forums for a year now!
Never thought I'd get this badge
Empathetic Badge!
Never thought I'd get this badge
I've been here on the forums for a year now!
I've been here on the forums for a year now!
I earned member
3k first emojis
😂 badges

I go a new badge

NOTHING are you proud?


I am trying to use all my likes for 20 days to get the (I forgot what it is called) badge for that. Another one I am trying to get is the one (I forgot this one too) “receive 500 likes and give 1000 likes.”


Why does everybody seem to be so interested in getting badges? Afaik you don’t get anything for it, they don’t level up your ranking or anything.


I guess, but it is fun to see if you can get a good one!


#What i want:

#What i am excited :smiley::


I haven’t got what I wanted yet, but at least I got the badge ‘Higher Love’! I am getting closer. :thumbsup:


First page of badges:

Second page of badges:

My gold badge:


Thanks Ender! Is it a good one? :grinning:


What badge I am trying to get:

If you get spammed by like notifications from me, now you know why.


Yep, same for me. I will be crazy in love with the like button for the next week or two.


I got that badge a while ago.


I hit one of my goals!!! I got empathetic!!!


Congrats! For some reason the badge seems to be broken for me. I think I got all the requirements for it. Just look at my stats.


I got this…

Other than Dave, only ThuThu and I-Love-Creation have gotten this before (and me, of course).

This was on my Lego Blockhead post :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice! @milla doesn’t even have that badge? Wow you are so lucky.


I got this badge back in June.


That is one of the hardest to get badges! You are very, very lucky.


How exciting this is considering I recently got my anniversary badge!


Here’s the thread you’re looking for. :wink: