Post what badge you earn here!


It would be quite funny if it hit 2018.


I think I’m close to getting Empathetic. Yeyyyy.


Why can’t you get regular after reading over 500 threads?


I don’t know. :thinking:


@bleatingsheep39, @Brer-Rabbit

These are the requirements to get trust level 3:


But why a maximum?


I don’t know.

Probably because some people have too much free time (like kids, maybe some joined the forum without being above 12) so no unmature people.

But I quoted Milla, so that post is in her notifications. Maybe she could answer?


Well 500 topics in a year is less than 2 per day, so I don’t think you’d have to have ‘too much free time’ to read that much. You can do that in minutes.

2 million posts views though, that’s definitely excessive.


You can see how many posts you viewed in your summary. Yours is here:


Hello People, I am proud to say, that I have received my anniversary badge!


365 Days, you could see me in the forums!
I am so proud to have this badge!

I’ve created 2.2 Thousand Posts, have received 2.1 Thousand Likes, and 1.4 Thousand likes I’ve given!

Time surely does fly. What an honor. :slight_smile:




Thank You. :slight_smile:


Congrats!!! For anniversary.

Sorry but you should and everyone post “earned badge” here Post what badge you earn here!
Milla already explaned about making topic about badge, theres already thread where can u post what badges you earned. Thank you!


Oof! My bad. @milla Can you please move this thread to Post what badge you earn here!?


She’ll be able to merge it soon, she’s probably busy at this time. :slight_smile:




Well done on that!


Congratulations @Zeekiel!


Congrats @Zeekiel !


Sorry for the partial rudeness, yes, congrats @Zeekiel! :slight_smile: