Post what badge you earn here!


@devyn It’s fine, thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank You, @JbugsArmy, @Brer-Rabbit, @anon85547976, @bleatingsheep39, @WumboJumbo, and @Blocknuggets.

Thank you, Thank You! (^_^)


I’m older hyAH

Good job being in the forums anyways :slight_smile:


Congrats zeek!

It feels like longer it’s crazy


Congratz! I actually earned mine 5 days ago. xD




Yayay look at what I got!!


But the one I did get:
Ohhh its been a year already?? So many things have happened (I got to be a Beta Tester and 1.7) so many users have joined in the last year that have really changed the forums (@TheFoil @SomeRandomUser @devyn @Brer-Rabbit @GoodGradesBoy @RaymondW and many others) I just want to thank everyone for making this a really great year!!


I feel the same way! It’s all great! Congrats on anniversary, btw!

I’ve been here 1/4 a year, and Ik that it’s a great place. That’s what is best about these forums, so accepting! :smiley:


Congratulations! I actually joined back in 2015, if you’ve ever seen the Wii U thread… :see_no_evil:


I got one of those things tho.

I want Promoter but I got no one to invite. ,_,


I’ve been hoping to get this one…




I got my 3rd anniversary badge!!!

It’s been a fun 3 year, cheers to another 3!






Badges I want:

Badges I can’t get:

What I have to do to earn Regular:


I can’t read over 500 topics! I have to read less than 72 more topics this year! And I have to get these:

Badges I won’t get:

Badges I have a comment for:

I have this on the Ambience forums!

Badges I have a question about:

Is this possible to get?

Slightly off-topic question:


Does this mean the topic won’t count as read?


If it’s on ‘never,’ than the topic will not show up on your unread box when you enter the topic/tap on it.

Here’s my topic count:

I blame the 1.7 update. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not that you need to read exactly 500 posts, it’s that the post count you MUST read is capped at 500. It says that you have to read 25% of the new posts from the last 100 days. If the new post count is over 2000 then you are not expected to read more than 500 of those posts.

You can find the requirements for obtaining regular here:


I am 100% dedicated to getting this badge. It’s called Rick Alstley.



Didn’t Milla change them? The link you put to the orginal Discourse Forums is 100 Days, the list I put is 365??