Post what badge you earn here!


Hmm, I’m not sure which is the accurate one. I’ve asked milla to confirm. Viewing no more than 500 posts in 365 days does seem very low, whereas the reading limit is 2 million - very high!


wait what when did this happen:


Now it’s posts? I thought it was 2,000,000 posts, and 500 topics at max! Anyway, I’m just wondering if I could accidently screw it up for a year, by being too active, and reading too many posts/topics (not including offense flags). This seems way too complicated if you’re trying to earn it, btw.


I’m not sure what Mills means by max of 2 mil, my guess is that no matter how active the forum is, you never need To read more than 2 mil posts to get regular.

The point of regular isn’t to try to get it - it will come just by participating in the forum.


Got promoter by inviting @UnicornsRReal35 :slight_smile:
Only nine people earned it? Wow.


What do you think we will invite random email acc :lol: I hope my other friends play too but they hate it for some reason so I don’t recommend them :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe your friends are too focused on being businessmen to enjoy the Blocky goodness that is Blockheads?


I loved it Blockyhead if I have a project I might name it to that XD well they don’t know I’m playing this since I have not much time playing sometimes just visiting the active servers then out after that visiting forum. And also I can handle my time with business and playing Blockheads probably I only play when I have launch break ofc businessman need to eat too hehe


New title, Dark? Or was that always there? :stuck_out_tongue:


New :wink: no need to ask where I get that or else you will flood her to pm for title my old one is Expert Businessperson now a Professional Pancakes :pancakes:


Oh, I understand why you have one. Just interested that you had a new one.


I got anerversiary a few days ago! It has been a great year with you. :slight_smile:


Yay! Thanks for sticking with us, @Donutask!

I personally don’t like how you can earn badges more than once…it feels…messy. I checked my profile and I have 5 Anniversary Badges and it just looks very cluttered to me. I’m just being picky, don’t mind me.


I have Trust Level 3 now, pretty cool. :smiley:




Thanks Wumbo, now I’m in the club of TL3. :sunglasses: (jk guys, it’s not much different)


Team regular :wink:


I usually do not care much about badges, but I have to admit I feel kinda honoured by this one:


1000 clicks on a link!!?!?!!?!!?


Finally, Ronnie, you got that badge it’s one of the rare badges and the 1000 click from the link he got from posting a like prank website to get thousands free TC for Blockheads and I’m one of those who still clicking it every day to get the famous link badge like Bibliophile :laughing: