Post what badge you earn here!


Dark, are you saying half of those 1000 clicks have been done by you?:rofl:
I’m not sure what you’re exactly saying, but let me point out that my link does not lead to a prank site but to a guide on how to mine 10,000 TC on a single player world.


You’re so lucky! :eek:


begins to click own link 1000 times


Ohh well it’s not working anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: And I just continue tho I saw it with 936 who already clicked then I continued to be 1000! :lol:


Funny thing, I never knew until now. :grimacing:


WooHoo! I’ve been here for one year!image


Lel :lol:


Puns for the win.


no u bean here for 1 year and a day


Another user joins the Anniversary squad! :smiley:


Here are all mine.


I got another anniversary badge 4 days ago. even though I missed half of the 2nd year
That’s cool. I guess.


I got a badge for creating my topic about changing my name (which turned into a topic about forums bans. I don’t really mind.) image
Sorry about the noise button. It is getting on my nerves and I need to get a new iPad.


@PufflePuffle this belongs in #general-discussion


Yea that one im tired


My fat fingers were in the way.:sweat_smile:


Hailey, I don’t think this belongs in #general-discussion.


Now what’s this for…


Doesn’t a topic already exist on badges?


Which iPad and iOS are you on?