Post what badge you earn here!


I’m not sure what Mills means by max of 2 mil, my guess is that no matter how active the forum is, you never need To read more than 2 mil posts to get regular.

The point of regular isn’t to try to get it - it will come just by participating in the forum.


Got promoter by inviting @UnicornsRReal35 :slight_smile:
Only nine people earned it? Wow.


What do you think we will invite random email acc :lol: I hope my other friends play too but they hate it for some reason so I don’t recommend them :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe your friends are too focused on being businessmen to enjoy the Blocky goodness that is Blockheads?


I loved it Blockyhead if I have a project I might name it to that XD well they don’t know I’m playing this since I have not much time playing sometimes just visiting the active servers then out after that visiting forum. And also I can handle my time with business and playing Blockheads probably I only play when I have launch break ofc businessman need to eat too hehe


New title, Dark? Or was that always there? :stuck_out_tongue:


New :wink: no need to ask where I get that or else you will flood her to pm for title my old one is Expert Businessperson now a Professional Pancakes :pancakes:


Oh, I understand why you have one. Just interested that you had a new one.


I got anerversiary a few days ago! It has been a great year with you. :slight_smile:


Yay! Thanks for sticking with us, @Donutask!

I personally don’t like how you can earn badges more than once…it feels…messy. I checked my profile and I have 5 Anniversary Badges and it just looks very cluttered to me. I’m just being picky, don’t mind me.


I have Trust Level 3 now, pretty cool. :smiley:




Thanks Wumbo, now I’m in the club of TL3. :sunglasses: (jk guys, it’s not much different)


Team regular :wink:


I usually do not care much about badges, but I have to admit I feel kinda honoured by this one:


1000 clicks on a link!!?!?!!?!!?


Finally, Ronnie, you got that badge it’s one of the rare badges and the 1000 click from the link he got from posting a like prank website to get thousands free TC for Blockheads and I’m one of those who still clicking it every day to get the famous link badge like Bibliophile :laughing:


Dark, are you saying half of those 1000 clicks have been done by you?:rofl:
I’m not sure what you’re exactly saying, but let me point out that my link does not lead to a prank site but to a guide on how to mine 10,000 TC on a single player world.


You’re so lucky! :eek:


begins to click own link 1000 times