Post what badge you earn here!


i gots the devotee badge hurhur



It’s been a year. And a blast.


Earned a good topic badge for one of my suggestions. :slight_smile:


I got Out of Love yesterday… I wonder if I’m too trigger happy with the heart button. Then again, I read basically every thread…


I joined in August & I‘ve already earned this badge, this forum is really addictive :joy:

I‘m glad I joined as Blockheads has become even more fun since I know you all :sparkling_heart:


Not a badge but still:
What an exact number LOL

A badge I earned a bit earlier:



I got the anniversary badge for being a member for a year and having at least ONE POST!


Anniversary… woo… :expressionless:
Tbh I just wanted to share it but idrc about it lol


Whew just realised it’s the 4th anniversary of my forums account already. I’m at the stage where I’m already acting old and cranky I think lol.