Post what badge you earn here!


Now I know on hold doesn’t mean suspended.


I almost have Empathetic. :smiley:


I just got the first emoji and first quote badge.


Super cool! I’d like this, but I’ve run out of likes for a bit. :slight_smile:


I’m the first person to lose regular!


Aw. I don’t think that’s true, either.


(when you find out you have 79 less likes than someone who has been on 4x as long as you. Not good for me mate.)


I give love a lot. Don’t worry, you’ll get there. :slight_smile:


Pretty sure it is…


Still, regular can be hard to keep. It’s not too big a deal, I haven’t gotten regular yet, with the responsibility it requires, don’t know if I want to.


I’ve had regular ever since I got it, which was almost a year ago. All you have to do is regularly check the forums :wink:

(See what I did there?)


Yes. XD

Edit: Oh dear lord… I only need to give three more likes. :smiley: I’m excited for my first gold badge.


You weren’t the first person to loose regular. @SHAHMMM has lost their regular before.


But that was from a separate way. That took 4 weeks. I lost my from being a lay z person


I have met the requirements for the Empathetic badge. WHERE IS IT? ;0


And that, my good sir, is the exact reason why I don’t have, have not had, and will never attain Regular.


I think I should get regular soon, but I am not sure. Can someone point me to the post about trust levels somewhere?


This page is helpfully specific in outlining the requirements.
Note that even when you meet all the criteria, the 100 day duration is mandatory.


Is that 100 days since I joined, or since I got member?


I suspect the former. It seems a bit unclear on that matter.