Post what badge you earn here!


Hmmm… am I an elder? I’ve played since 1.4 came out, however I never joined the forums until a little over a year ago.


I consider anyone who everyone speaks about with awe an elder

Mainly you, Jemni, and juju, to name a few


Thuthu, Skeeve, Uh… I’m stuck.
Bibliophile …
Jemnidad, Milla, Dave…

If I think hard enough, the list could probably go on for pages and pages and pages. And then some.

Edit: TeenyDude, JujuBee22, Andykiller, Gaareth, TheDerpMaster, WikiFAYZ.

I guess at some point, virtually everyone who has played The Blockheads for long besides me seems like an expert at something. Frater_Universe, Kapaciarz, Asyc…

Yep. I kind of end up viewing everyone as an “Elder” at some point in time, but many kind of end up stuck there, such as those first mentioned. (Why did I find it so hard to remember the proper forums names)

Joe… Ingeniare… MummyK… Skeeve… Bibliophile… Bibliophile… Skeeve… Skeeve…
;-; Yeah, everyone’s better than me at this.


Diggity darn, I’m not there! Then again, I don’t play the BHs so much anymore.


I’ve played since 1.4 I believe.

R.I.P me: I never got regular.


I’m so happy! I got the new user of the month badge!


Lucky! I soooo wish I would have got that, but it is wayyyyy to late now.


Here is a little thank you message from me to you just for being in my forums life. :tada::tada::trophy::tada::tada:


If you want you can use it as a User Card Bage it will look nice. And it is scientifically proven that people love you more if you have a black heart in your profile (:black_heart:) You can be one of us now :wink:


Okay I will try it now


So that’s what a “user card badge” is…
TheFoil: Forums decoder extraordinaire


I didn’t even notice…


A few days ago I got trust level 2


The only badge I want is regular, because it’s the only useful badge other than Member and beginner


Who else got Empathetic a long time ago…


Only recently. I misread the description, I thought i got it months ago, but I didn’t.


It has been a great year! :smiley:


Happy anniversary @bilingual!


10 more days till 100 days!!

And I have all requirements for regular :3



Weird glitch, says 100 days