Post what badge you earn here!


Who else got Empathetic a long time ago…


Only recently. I misread the description, I thought i got it months ago, but I didn’t.


It has been a great year! :smiley:


Happy anniversary @PorkyTheChop!


Heh I earned mine a week ago but nice :slight_smile:

@EpicGamer101 I did somewhere in this year. I think June but that’s just my guess.

Time to throw my self into bed and go to sleep


10 more days till 100 days!!

And I have all requirements for regular :3



Weird glitch, says 100 days


Ooh, so exciting! I hope you get it!


Today is my anniversary! It’s already been 1 whole year I have been on these forums. :smiley:

Doesn’t time fly by so fast?


Wow! Happy forums anniversary!


I’m missing two “Nice Reply” badges. Oh discourse, you really can be a pain sometimes.


I have received likes for empathic, but I only like posts I mean to like and not just spam the like button, so it’s gonna take a while


  • Visited 99/100 days
  • Replied to who knows how many topics
  • Pretty sure about this one
  • Pretty sure about this one too
  • Recived and given over 1K, so yep
  • Possibly, I don’t think I’ve gotten one of these kinds of flag
  • Never been suspended

Welp, who knows. Discourse badges seem to be slow right now so okay


Reading 20k posts is too much for me
So I’m never gonna get regular


You don’t have to read 20K, but that’s the limit before the badge thing stops calculating how many you’ve read compared to the total amount. So you could possibly have read 25% of all post.

(Forum games accumulates for a lot of these post i’ve come to see)


Ikr I think I got that too.
1 I know I got this one. I can’t remember a day in the few months where I didn’t come here.
2. I have probably replied to 500 topics, so I got this one.
3. I almost never have more than 10 unread new topics, and at the moment I have none.
4. I almost never have more than 30 unread posts, at the moment I have three.
5. I have gotten 1.7k likes and given 2.6k.
6. I am not sure on this one, but I think I have gotten no flags.
7. I have never been suspended.
What is wrong with discord??


ALL my topics that have more than 10 likes

My personal favorites:

Someone joins the forums (parody)
The End of Blockheads (official trailer)
Update ideas (for real)
Off topic is overused (and other random calculations)
An average conversation of an average blockhead


I’ve had the same issue for about a month now. The post does state that forum admins can change the requirement thresholds locally, and so I assume that’s what has happened on this forum. I really couldn’t say with any certainty, though.


I’m not sure which badge I want. They all seem cool!


@arachnidsGreed doesn’t have regular WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU DISCOURSE

@Frater_Galaxy if arachnids doesn’t have regular, you’re far from it