Post what badge you earn here!


Badges i have:
Badges I don’t have:
Badges I will probably not earn:

  • first reply by email
  • campaigner
  • good share
  • hot link
  • regular

Badges no way in life I will ever earn:

  • leader
  • great share
  • champion
  • new user of the month
  • famous link


Two badges in a short period of time! :smiley::open_mouth:


Now your really truly one of us!


clap, clap - Welcome to the official family! I know you had an old account, but welcome to the family again!


Heh i earned member 20 hours ago.


Thought this was pretty cool. :smile:


Congratulations! Now you can be part of the “cool member” team. Wait, you already were! :smile:


Really Cool!

This should go to:


Thanks for telling me, I’ll do that if I ever want to post badges again!


Congratulations! Now your truly one of us!


creepy music plays as wumbo grabs the ritual knife
Everyone: One of us!!!
A scream is heard


Gratz Brer! I hope to achieve that greatness someday…
Just did xP
good job anyways


Heck, I’m proud when I can remember to bring my homework to school! The little things can mean a lot to users.


:joy: Wow, best thing I’ve seen all day


Congratulations :tada:


Great job​:+1::+1:


somehow said gratz twice…


gratz gratz gratz gratz

i said it 4 times


Wow, I remember talking to you when you were thinking about coming back to the forums, and the transition was so seamless I actually thought you’ve always been here! I’ve been bamboozled… but anyway, congrats!


I didn’t even know this was a thing, but this is what I just got: