Post what badge you earn here!


One of my favorite badges yet!


I’m nearly member. I just need to visit for three more days.


I did it!




I did’t even notice you were banned!


This was a fine little surprise… I wasn’t even trying to get this badge!


I got 2 like related badges


I’m pretty sure you’re only supposed to like something if you feel it’s worth liking, and that spamming likes is not allowed.


Likes should only be used when they deserve to be liked. Liking should not be done just to like something.


Yep. Counteracting the purpose of the system seems to be a bit seedy.


I got my 1st anniversary!




I got the badge for visisting 100 days in a row : )


I got the “Good Topic” badge on my first topic!


Yep I just go that too!


do u not know da wae to get gud making topic?


Looks in stats

Well one way to get 25 likes is to spend 3 months on a castle :laughing:


I am now a member of the Blockheads Community.


Real cool, I like being member so far, hope you do too!


And I get a PM from Milla too?! Wow. xD