Post your best building that you did here!

Post your best buildings that you make here! My best building is:

An automatic item collector when my blockhead meditates.

Not bad. My best building, probably not worthy of a picture, is a small marble tower with like nothing inside. I only mine and craft, barely ever build.

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Its good, But just need to be filled up from inside

Thats a really awesome idea, thanks for future items!

  1. RMS Titanic (The first Titanic ever in the Blockheads)

  2. Coming Soon! :confused:

Thanks for the meditation idea :3

Best build? Hmmm…um that’s kind of hard to choose :confused:

my first attempts

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Tardis fun


I knew someone one day would build the tardis, i like yours :slight_smile:

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I’m about to start on an Eiffel Tower, a sports complex, and a Colosseum. :smiley:

Naya I loved ur tardis to bad you just couldn’t put it in ur PC so u could bring it to new amethyst lol

My wooden house - pic coming soon!

just finished the rock hall

sorry for posting so many i cant choose which i like best :confused:

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Well actually -
How does the meditation room work?

When meditating, it moves the stuff it has up, to another blockhead before the items despawns.
I haven’t made anything really awesome yet, but when I’ll reach the palace in Skeeves Gigantic Empire, I will make awesome pixelart, like a blockhead house and some RotMG pixelart.

Hey can I get some close up pics of this please? I want to try making something similar. It’s epic. Thanks

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Beautiful! I WANT IT!

How do you make your Blockhead meditate under water? Wouldn’t he down?