Post Your Blockhead Pet Pictures! (Game)


In this topic i wanna see some of your pictures of your pets on Blockheads! or you can just post some awesome pictures which will describe the new update!

I am really willing to see some cool pictures cause i can never take a good picture XD

This is like a game… The winner(s) will receive a Tamed Scorpion [(which i tamed few days ago for vid :confounded:) (took a lot of time and i died twice)]

I know lot of pictures are good but i will choose my favorite ones and pick winner randomly out of my favorite pics! I have 2 tamed scorpions so the random winner will get one scorpion and i will personally pick another winner! ( Both will receive a scorpion)

Edit : I will inform you when this will end. You can still post the pictures after it ends ( but you will not receive a scorpion)

I don’t know what else to say… well that’s it :stuck_out_tongue:




My pets are in lockup, they haven’t been out of a cage in months. Quite literally.


I guess there are only two people… Well i don’t know what to do but if anyone wants tamed scorpion you can PM me.


We had a Pizza and Pets party on my server(Sugarflop) It was one of our first ever celebrations and was so much fun! I would defo recommend people have one.


Ah you’re back on the forums?
Jeez why do these things never happen when I’m online…
What’s that party about, literally just eating pizza while your pets run around freely?


Did any of the animals escape?


Did you feed them pizza?


It was the theme of the party and a way for people to show off their pets and let the pets play together.
None of the animals escaped luckily we placed some gates and we had our first ever modding and a pet race to the pizza at the end of the finish line :joy:


And all of them were unicorns?


no we had some trolls and donkeys but not all in the shot :ouch:


Riding trolls takes so long.


Ending soon please post your pictures to get the scorpions:)