Post your old blockheads pictures!


Hey there! Know me? Well who cares… But i just wanna see some old blockheads pictures! The game changed a lot but i hope you have your old pics! Everyone might have one look for em lol. I am doing this just to go to old days through pictures! I have some. Let’s see how many of you do.
I would love if you mention the year when it was taken or mention any memory you have with that pic! That would be cool! (It’s fine if you can’t xD)
-XOXO Hnandj

My old pictures

Took on 20 March 2015. They were my friends or my own blockheads (sorry I don’t remember). Oldest pic i ever have.

It was the thumbnail for one of my videos… 23 December 2015

During 2015 Christmas!!

My server was so popular that time! Some were my subscribers. 16 February 2016

With one of my best friends earlier! 7 March 2016

I made this cool house for my friend. It was taken on the same date the other one was took. Oldest pic ever 20 March 2015

Meditating with my bestie. His name was loner. It’s been a long time since i saw him. 21 February 2016.

Christmas picture!! It was for my profile on yt. Last pic of 2016!

The one and only pic of 2017! I wanted a new profile pic 2 April 2017…

Happy New Year 2018!! Took this cause i was bored of the old profile. New year new me.

Recently took this pic! This was for christmas of 2018! It’s still my profile picture on forums and on yt. Idk why.

Another profile pic! 12 March 2016

The most recent pic i ever have!! 6 January 2019!

One more pic of popular days with my followers! Best day! 22 November 2016!

Conclusion- Most pics were taken on 2016!


The nostalgia…


If i still had my photos from 1.5.1 i would be able to post them.


From a birthday party, September 2014. I was on a kick at the time involving decorating a cake with edible decorations.

My very first hotel room on Rabbithole, ‎July ‎29, ‎2013,


Months later, November 4, 2013 and I had a sky base and was admin. Notice those holes in the sky were a thing as far back as 1.3/1.4. The diagonal lines are from me doing “donkey drops” to explore the sky. That might be what some the “fog holes” are from, if I was lagging as the donkey fell.

Just a few of my first screenshots from The Blockheads. None of them are extra special, but it is still fun walking down memory lane. Still have 6k more to go through, may upload more tomorrow if any are interesting.

The first time I realized a camera existed. New Year’s Eve Party with friends, December 31, 2014.

A battle at my server’s spawn. March 11, 2015.

My first cave troll. Still using a camera, March 14, 2015.

The trap which killed many noobs. March 28, 2015.

The first portal moon I ever saw. April 27, 2015.

Where I stored my paints when I made every possible color. March 4, 2016.

The biggest shark I ever saw. March 23, 2016.


My very first house on a Multiplayer server circa Feb 2015:

Along with first tulip display:


My very first house ;p


That last picture… you might want to look at the chat.


The oldest BH pic found in my gallery, from January 18, 2013.

First house I built, the date seems to be January 26, 2013; it looks noobish, I know.

Date says June 15, 2013 for this one. I took my first BH Alexandra (ofc) out on an adventure in the desert with a camera that day and took a lot of pictures. Went to an underwater building I built, and found a shark on the ceiling.

I have a lot of good pics that show you the graphics of 2013, but they’re all kind of the same and boring. So here is a snapshot from the server Ultra Maze, a maze and PvP server by Kairu22
September 14, 2014, a date that is set something in the middle of The Great Grill War.

So that’s me, xIzzyx_01 and Darkfur raiding a base and telling the owner of it, Nestea, she was grilled. Or at least her base was.

Well, that’s it for now.