Post your servers / buildings! And is anyone still on here?

You read it! Post images or describe what your server or buildings look like! I’m doing this cus I kinda need the inspiration at the moment and I also want to know if anyone else actually still visits this website and plays the game? Thanks everyone! >w<


I just started playing again a few days ago, and have been playing on and off for years lol. My world isn’t all that far yet bc I can’t get time crystals so I only have 2 blockheads and it’s slowin my progress :pensive::fist:

I JUST moved on from a hole-in-the-ground base to a limestone house. It’s pretty bare bones, but I’m working on it. Eventually I want to make a secondary base underwater, but the ocean is soooooo far lol. I’ve been meaning to look up some build pictures to inspire me to make my base less crappy

If you need build ideas what I usually do is make up little challenges for me to try, like “Build only with three different blocks” or you can look up pictures of houses (or whatever you prefer to build) and try to replicate it


I normally just freestyle, using blocks/colors I’ve never used before to find a build style I like. Even ugly blocks can be used to make something amazing but you just have to be creative.

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I look up at terraria buildings because they are both 2d games so I pick a right image that would fit inside my world for example a port
I use the stone as a base then a wood for the body then I added a marble room where I could put my hot bath