Posting off-topic

It’s because we are off topic.

The amount of flags are really excessive though.

Very true. If they had a problem they could DM me and friel and you instead of spamming the s—t out of the flag button

So is your tendency to post off-topic. You do it repeatedly and persistently, and you know very well that it’s not acceptable, as you have demonstrated here.

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Oh, sorry for that. It wasn’t intentional on my part.

Milla keeping it real here.

Yes, it was. If you break the rules knowingly intent is established.

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I wasn’t knowingly acknowledging that I was breaking the rules at that time. People get carried away in this kind of stuff.

@Friel The other two are suspended. Please treat this as a learning moment. You were reported reasonably. Do not post off-topic.

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it’s very sad that after multiple warnings it continued, ‘multiple’ being a generous statement, but this is a good lesson for everyone to try to stay on topic as prior to this it was a large amount of it still, i was guilty of it myself but hopefully this issue can be done and dusted and everybody takes example from the severity of breaking the rules, one month bans aren’t exactly for show