Powers of admins

Can admins see where a player discovered?


Yes they can see wherever has already been discovered.

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But I can’t see one of the players

Admin eyesight isn’t the greatest. While you should be able to scroll around and find each player on the server, it won’t always work if you simply tap on their avatar to “zoom” to them. For this to work, you would have to personally send a blockhead to that area. After you do that, you should be able to see them by tapping their avatar.

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Tapping on them still doesn’t work

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Have you explored the area that they’re in? Like, have you sent a blockhead to where they’re at?

If you’ve done this and it still doesn’t work then it could just be lag preventing your screen from zooming to them.

Ok :ok_hand: .

Your device might be lagging. Try and refresh the app.

So admins can see where other players explored?

Yep. Sometimes the lag prevents an area from loading (which makes it difficult for you to find them) but admins can see any previously explored area

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Ok I guess that’s it

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