Problem ads


Hello! A player has recently come to me to let me know that one of our ad providers has been letting inappropriate ads get into our ads queue again. It seems to be mainly gambling games, but there has been the odd one with adult content. I would really appreciate it if anyone seeing ads that could be questionable please take a screenshot and PM them to me, along with the platform you’re playing on? That would be Android or iOS.

Note that games with character design where the “naked” chracter is shown in what amounts to swimwear, when not dressed or armoured, do not count. Our game has people in their underwear too, even if they are a tad blocky :slight_smile:


Hmm never seen this ad before or a game advertising like this, for now, my ads is a zombie castaway.


Good. I play ZC and it’s entirely child-friendly :slightly_smiling_face:


are naked blockheads really a concern, although this may be off topic.


I get plenty of gambling and other questionable ads, will try and screenshot some today :slight_smile:


Guys, Milla is looking for specifically inappropriate ads with adult content. She is not necessarily referring to all gaming ads.


Yeah, I’ve seen a beer commercial. I’ll screenshot it the next time it comes up.


@Joe, I just took screenshots of that and am sending it Milla’s way myself. (on iOS)


Thanks guys. Forgot to add: can you please tell me if it’s Android or iOS?


I have seen a cheating one several times and a hustle castle that doesn’t seem appropriate for younger audiences.


I’m on iOS.


Sounds like a pretty cool guy! :wink:


So…may I have a clear clarification of what classifies as inappropriate? Gambling ads count?


And I think also a beer ads


@milla 1 will be coming your way soon.


I saw a gambling one?


yeah our charachters are THICC and blocky


I’ve seen ads with pornographic images, but I don’t have any screenshots.


If my parents saw pictures like that they would instantly disinherit me… :confused:


Anything you wouldn’t let anything below a 18 yr old see.